ZETA PHI RHO was founded upon the dream of building a secure bond amongst a team of individuals, working in harmony to provide a strong brotherhood. The dream became a reality on August 10, 1995.


On this day, the birth of our ALPHA Chapter was established at California State University, Long Beach. Fourteen distinguished gentlemen devised the fraternity’s backbone and heart, known as the Cardinal Principles, which were to be passed down for generations to come. Christopher Arnaldo, Francis Baylen, Carlo Boiser, Joseph Braza, Butch Callanta, Ian Carbonell, Archie Cardenas, Vincent Delupio, Johnnie Garcia, Ronald Hipol, Alfred Perdito, Jan-Michael Roy, Carlos Sanchez and Greg San Luis were the fourteen distinguished gentlemen who became our Founding Fathers.


The Brothers of Zeta Phi Rho decided to make another step into forming bonds with individuals at the University of California, Santa Barbara. On March 16, 1996, Jon Austria, Jay Carino, Matt Chua, Lionel Garcia, Avelino Llenado, Lester Sebastian and Richard Villegas decided to become part of our organization. As a result, the BETA Chapter of Zeta Phi Rho was formed.


The ideals, principles, and experiences of our brotherhood were taken to the next level, and introduced to the University of Southern California. After implementing the values and traditions of our fraternity into the minds of eight individuals, the GAMMA Chapter of Zeta Phi Rho was given life. On March 23, 1996, Ernie Aglipay, Jeoffrey Cudiamat, Geoffrey del Rosario, Earl Nadal, Ray Reyes, Darryl Sol, Dennis Trazo and Patrick Vallejo became the founding pledge class of the fraternity’s third lifeline.


After many learning experiences and hardships, Loyola Marymount University was introduced to the philosophy of Zeta Phi Rho. Taking in what they have been taught, six individuals became part of this fine organization. Erwin Allado, Ray Mandap, Franz Quiambao, Mark San Buenaventura, Jesse Urbano and Alex Zapanta were initiated into the brotherhood on November 24, 1996 as the founding pledge class of the DELTA Chapter.


Nearly four years has gone by since Zeta Phi Rho has passed on its traditions, values, and lessons to those outside of its current structure. Looking towards its future, a group of nine gentlemen decided to take up the task of helping the fraternity grow. It has found its home at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Peter Borja, Eldrin Cruz, Marvin Cruz, Eduardo Mayor, Alain Nicasio, Christian Ramos, Ian Reyes, Jimmy Sauz, and Chad Villacorta on September 17, 2000, became the founding class of the EPSILON** Chapter.


In light of the fraternity’s amazing growth, within six years the sixth expansion of Zeta Phi Rho was created. Commemorating the first anniversary, ZETA Chapter, nine gentlemen extended the brotherhood to the University of California, Irvine. Nolan De Ramos, Don Marc Dimaranan, Gregory Primavera, Oliver Reyes, Joel Sacayanan, Jakob Sebastian, Michael Thai, Christian Tsuji, and Paul Uy, exercised the principles and traditions of those who came before them in founding the chapter on January 11, 2002.


Zeta Phi Rho, in its quest to perpetually strive for more, set its eyes on the University of California, Los Angeles. The ETA Chapter was born on February 22, 2004 approximately two years after the ZETA Chapter, with four distinguished gentlemen as its founding members: Christopher Aquino, Andrew Evangelista, Marco Munar, and Marko Marbella. These four individuals marked the beginnings of the seventh chapter of Zeta Phi Rho’s unprecedented growth beginning just eight years prior.


Later that year, Aidesiderio Alhambra III, Peter Ancheta, Andrew Ipapo, Rafael Llana, Geff Primavera, Mark Rasoul, Louie Tejada III, and Sean Wy decided the future of Zeta Phi Rho is far from over. From the University of California, Riverside, these gentlemen rewrote our history as the THETA Chapter.

After four years of trials and tribulations, Zeta Phi Rho sought to expand their Brotherhood even further by establishing their ninth Chapter. California State University of Fullerton, exemplified great potential for the future of Zeta Phi Rho and its Brothers.


With that said, five determined gentlemen, Jeremy Vaughn Alalay, David May, Viet Nguyen, Ben Shum, and Wilson Tsoi, made their mark into history on October 11 2008, by founding Zeta Phi Rho’s IOTA Chapter.

Since our foundation was laid, we were able to grow nine chapters strong. With the mindset of extending our beliefs and principles to other groups having the heart of the same caliber, we will grow even larger – even stronger.


For without struggle, there is no progress. -Frederick Douglass