Fall 2k14 Rush Photo-small

What is rush?

Rush refers to the week in the beginning of the academic semester when fraternities and sororities recruit new members and schedule events for ‘rushees’ to get a glimpse of what their organization is all about. There is no commitment, no obligation to join, and everything is free. At the end of Rush, the members give bids to the rushees they want to induct into the fraternity/sorority.


What is a fraternity?

Fraternities were originally established as highly selective organizations that teach their members valuable lessons while advancing their college careers in academic, social, philanthropic, and professional terms. The modern fraternity does all the above but to a lesser extent, while destroying the original nature of the fraternal system with such acts as hazing and uncontrolled parties. What the world saw on August 10, 1995, was a new type of fraternity.

Zeta Phi Rho redefines “fraternity”. By creating a genuine and strong brotherhood that sticks to true values, ideals, and the Distinguished Gentleman way of life, we set ourselves apart from the rest. We exist as a movement to break down the negative stereotypes of the current fraternity system and transform this system into one that can serve and respect students from all backgrounds. Ultimately, we seek to positively impact our campus and community through promoting scholarship, leadership, service, respect for women, and the development of a strong cohesive multicultural community.

What is Zeta Phi Rho about?

 Brothers with various ethnicities, interests, hobbies, and goals.
 Zetas in 9 Chapters strong throughout Southern California.
 Fastest growing fraternity in Southern California.
 Brothers in almost every major.
 Tutoring in almost any field.
 Alumni graduated since 1995.
 Recognized by California State University of Fullerton.
 Cultural Greek Council.
 Knows the importance of making connections that make life easier.
 We take pride in serving the community and others.
 Working with children with disabilities, Habitat for humanity, Beach Clean-ups, Alzheimer’s Walk, etc.
 Socials and great relationships with other organizations and sororities on campus and off-campus.
 Sports teams that compete in tournaments (Football, Basketball, Track, etc.)